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Holding Fire [written by tofsla; read by Opalsong, RsCreighton, & Ailis_Fictive]

Title: Holding Fire
Author: tofsla
Reader: RsCreighton, Opalsong, & Ailis_Fictive
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairings: Iron Bull/Dorian
Rating: Explicit
Length: 46:07
Size: 63.6MB
Music: Tooth and Scale by Trevor Morris
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: "You turned," Adaar said, "into a fucking dragon."
It was good that she said it, because someone should, and to be honest the Bull was feeling a bit beyond actual words at that exact moment.
"A small dragon," Dorian said, as though this was somehow relevant. He was quite a small dragon, it was true—he stared down at them now, but most of that height was the arch of his neck, the curve of it covered in shimmering black and gold scales. "A small dragon! Who saved your life!"

Links: mp3
Archive Link

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!

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Tags: archived, reader:opalsong, reader:rscreighton, small fandom:games

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