a camera and an open canvas (subsequent) wrote in amplificathon,
a camera and an open canvas

family, fortitude, fencebuilding, and friendly propaganda [written by shadydave; read by subsequent]

Title: family, fortitude, fence-building, and friendly propaganda
Author: ShadyDave
Reader: subsequent
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale, Dresden Files
Length: 01:17:17
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: None

Summary: "Don't worry," says Cecil. "They'll like you."

"You think so?" asks Carlos.

"Of course!" says Cecil. "Sure, you're maybe a tiny bit of an outsider, but my family is almost as tolerant as I am!"

Carlos stares at him. "Steve Carlsberg is your brother-in-law," he says.

Download: mp3 | m4b | streaming | all at AO3

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Tags: fandom:dresden files, fandom:welcome to night vale

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