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various podfics

Every solo podfic since the last time I posted here (2016):

i sneak up (and hit you like a fucking tornado) written by akamine_chan. bandom, rated Mature, 0:05:45. download,AO3.

A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing written by bexless. bandom, rated Explicit, 2:46:20. download,AO3.

RAY GUN written by jedusaur. bandom, rated , 0:05:44. download,AO3.

Wake Up and Notice written by cimorene. bandom, rated Explicit, 2:09:03. download,AO3.

Bloodsucking's Just Another Way To Say I Love You written by addictedkitten. bandom, rated Explicit, 0:16:53. download,AO3.

Reacharound written by addictedkitten. bandom, rated Explicit, 0:24:08. download,AO3.

i can't read lips (unless they're touching mine) written by giddygeek. bandom, rated Mature, 0:17:56. download,AO3.

Let Your Hips Do the Talking written by victoria_p. harry potter, rated Teen, 0:09:26. download,AO3.

Sass written by akamine_chan. bandom, rated Mature, 0:06:51. download,AO3.

Glass of Time written by derryderrydown. torchwood, rated G, 0:09:25. download,AO3.

Heaven Help Us written by bexless. bandom, rated Explicit, 7:04:57. download,AO3.

Louis Tomlinson and the Upstairs Neighbour written by mistresscurvy. one direction, rated Explicit, 0:55:53. download,AO3.

the glam rock life written by akamine_chan. bandom, rated G, 0:04:38. download,AO3.

Gift Horse written by bexless. bandom, rated G, 0:05:59. download,AO3.

Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime written by waxjism. bandom, rated Explicit, 2:29:02. download,AO3.

On Being Female written by nomad. discworld, rated G, 0:08:14. download,AO3.

A Large Range of Probabilities written by cofax. supernatural, rated G, 0:32:15. download,AO3.

Working Theory written by cofax. supernatural, rated Teen, 0:23:20. download,AO3.

Good Show, Jeeves written by out_there. jeeves & wooster, rated G, 0:10:46. download,AO3.

Restoration written by tawg. mcu, rated Teen, 0:14:26. download,AO3.

Beer and Broken Hands written by cofax. supernatural, rated G, 0:07:35. download,AO3.

Castiel vs the Pit of Voles written by tawg. supernatural, rated Teen, 0:11:23. download,AO3.

with cake in your pocket written by victoria_p. dark angel, rated G, 0:21:59. download,AO3.

Demonstrations written by entanglednow. supernatural, rated Mature, 0:04:03. download,AO3.

I'd Shout Hooray written by sena. bandom, rated Teen, 0:08:14. download,AO3.

Let's Start the New Year Right written by slightlytookish. band of brothers, rated G, 1:04:18. download,AO3.

Accidents Happen written by causeways. J2, rated Mature, 0:19:06. download,AO3.

Recharge written by alchemyalice. supernatural, rated G, 0:40:48. download,AO3.

International Woman of Mystery written by thehoyden. due south, rated Teen, 0:06:45. download,AO3.

held himself upright written by marginaliana. good omens, rated G, 0:05:14. download,AO3.

Running to Catch Up written by Solarcat. good omens, rated Teen, 0:14:12. download,AO3.

who were captured, who would not yield written by Raven. good omens, rated , 0:48:39. download,AO3.

How to Wear Polka Dots written by homo_pink. supernatural, rated Mature, 0:46:49. download,AO3.

I'll Stand On The Ocean Until I Start Sinking written by copperbadge. good omens, rated G, 0:14:07. download,AO3.

Their Harmony Foretells written by Laura JV. good omens, rated , 0:09:22. download,AO3.

*uck written by misbegotten. good omens, rated G, 0:01:46. download,AO3.

head, shoulders, knees, and toes (and a little chubby face) written by marginaliana. good omens RPF, rated G, 0:12:05. download,AO3.

The Seduction Malfunction written by iamtheenemy. good omens, rated Teen, 0:36:59. download,AO3.

Call Me Fishmael written by the_alchemist. moby dick, rated G, 0:06:51. download,AO3.

Overcome written by emef. band of brothers, rated Explicit, 0:39:57. download,AO3.

A Fleeting Passion for Facial Hair written by neveralarch. doctor who, rated G, 0:10:23. download,AO3.

Cake written by neveralarch. doctor who, rated G, 0:02:26. download,AO3.

Saunter written by Aria. good omens, rated G, 0:09:43. download,AO3.

Escape Acts written by Who Shot AR. much ado about nothing, rated G, 0:01:58. download,AO3.

Twice Removed written by astolat. nero wolfe, rated Teen, 0:21:27. download,AO3.

Sub-Subliminal written by 51stcenturyfox. torchwood, rated Teen, 0:10:53. download,AO3.

They Shake The Mountains When They Dance written by copperbadge. good omens, rated Teen, 0:12:30. download,AO3.

A Better Idea written by copperbadge. good omens, rated Explicit, 0:44:46. download,AO3.

Wings and How to Hide Them written by triedunture. good omens, rated Mature, 1:11:10. download,AO3.

modern problems require modern solutions written by attheborder. good omens, rated Teen, 0:06:51. download,AO3.

In From the Rain written by slightlytookish. book of mormon, rated G, 0:07:01. download,AO3.

a well-intentioned proposition written by bosbie. mdzs, rated Teen, 0:10:36. download,AO3.

Hours written by rabidsamfan. cadfael, rated G, 0:01:06. download,AO3.

Friends in Suffolk written by ami_ven. doctor who/101 dalmations, rated G, 0:03:14. download,AO3.

Good Behaviour written by entanglednow. good omens, rated Teen, 0:07:04. download,AO3.

Dr. Rodney's Science Corner written by Punk. stargate atlantis, rated G, 0:02:19. download,AO3.

Notes on a Resurrection written by cafecliche. mdzs, rated G, 0:07:49. download,AO3.

Of Pining, Obliviousness, and Failed Seclusions written by misscam. mdzs, rated G, 0:23:42. download,AO3.

Morning Routine written by Settiai. doctor who, rated G, 0:04:40. download,AO3.

we are strange in our worlds written by such_heights. doctor who, rated Teen, 0:09:52. download,AO3.

travellers' rest written by lazulisong. mdzs, rated G, 0:03:38. download,AO3.

I don't like your boyfriend (I think you need a new one) written by lazulisong. mdzs, rated G, 0:08:05. download,AO3.

it must run in the family written by lazulisong. mdzs, rated G, 0:08:57. download,AO3.

flourish, full-flowered written by lazulisong. mdzs, rated Teen, 1:23:02. download,AO3.

a big sign flashing ADOPT ME written by lazulisong. guardian, rated G, 0:02:24. download,AO3.

Hospital written by feyburner. mdzs, rated Teen, 0:10:43. download,AO3.

Email written by feyburner. mdzs, rated Mature, 0:11:16. download,AO3.

write me a little note, send me a letter written by lazulisong. guardian, rated G, 0:03:28. download,AO3.

everything you say is a sweet revelation written by lazulisong. mdzs, rated Teen, 0:04:30. download,AO3.

Everything older than 2017 is still available at the Audiofic Archive. I have also started posting some at the Internet Archive.
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