podmod (podmod) wrote in amplificathon,

presenting: lunate8, the winner of the blipvert award!!!

so, you might be asking: "oh podmod, when the hell does the prize awarding period for the amplificathon *end*???"

and the podmod, of course, would pretend not to hear you, as they have no freaking clue.

announcing the winner of the blipvert award!!! lunate8 wins, for posting the shortest tiny gem of a podfic - firm consulting (middleman, 48 seconds).

lunate8 blipvert winner 2009
prize graphic graciously created by parisindy!

by request, a gift recording for lunate8, read by general_jinjur!
Cheating the Other Guy, by sholio
author's summary: Sam and Teyla find themselves in a Western. Sort of. And Teyla seems to have accidentally sold her teammates to buy a ranch, but who can blame her. gen.
download the mp3 here! (13:08, 18 MB)
download the m4b here! (13:08, 6.6 MB)
(or mp3 here/m4b here at the audiofic archive!)
Tags: archived, fandom:stargate atlantis, gifts:prizes, post:mod, reader:general_jinjur

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