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Podfic: The Sparrow and Atlas Shrugged

Both of these stories are from book fandoms, and they were written for Yuletide.

The Sparrow is science fiction that asks questions about religion. After the SETI program finds music coming from a nearby star, the Jesuits send a mixed crew to investigate. Atlas Shrugged theorizes about what happens when the people who make the world go 'round decide to go on strike.

All Things Ancient and New, a story from The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell

Title: All Things Ancient and New
Author: sixpences
Reader: sothcweden
Pairing/Characters: Gen: Sofia, Emilio
Time: 07:12

get mp3 at the Audiofic Archive

Summary: What you see is just a matter of perspective, whether you're contemplating the stars or the meaning of life.

The Business of Love is Cruelty, a story from Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

Title: The Business of Love is Cruelty
Author: ellenm (quasiradiant)
Reader: sothcweden
Pairing/Characters: Francisco D'Anconia/Hank Rearden
Time: 09:48

get mp3 at the Audiofic Archive

Summary: Frisco and Hank in the valley; afterwards.

Thank you to the authors, both for writing such in-character pieces, and for allowing me to record them. And, as always, thank you to general_jinjur and the folks at the Audiofic Archive.

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