FayJay (pandarus) wrote in amplificathon,

podfic - 'Queensguard'

Aha! Finished and uploaded at last! Thank you Cybel! And Go Team!

TITLE: Queensguard
AUTHOR: Aramuin
READER: fayjay, twasadark, cookiemom6067, smallearthcat, paraka, kronos999, crinklysolution, laurie_ky, templemarker, zvi_likes_tv, fishpatrol, cantarina1, luzula, klb, podcath, lunate8, akadougal, fleurrochard, eve_n_furter, meansprite, gblvr, bananacosmic
PAIRING: Jared/Jensen
RATING: PG13ish?
DURATION: c. 5 hours
FORMAT: mp3, m4a, audiobook
TEXT: here
SUMMARY: Jared's heading up to Vancouver to finally start filming Season 5, after a delay of several years. Vancouver's looking pretty battered when he arrives - invasion by aliens bent on destruction of the human race will do that to a place. It's lucky that the human race are a lot more adaptable than the aliens guessed...

Note: the audiobook artwork is temporary - the artist is working on something specifically for the podbook version, but has computer troubles
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural rpf, reader:ensemble, reader:fayjay
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