podmod (podmod) wrote in amplificathon,

permission to record? *\o/*

are you an author who is cool with having people podfic your stories? have you written something that would score particularly highly for fandoms/pairings? would you really like to hear someone read your story aloud?

if you've answered YES to any (or all!) of the above questions, please comment to this post!

put a pointer to your stories in your comment, and please be clear about whether you are giving blanket permission, or if you want to hold some stories back. and (this is important!) please do not be sad if no one takes you up on it! there's no predicting what people will feel comfortable reading - there are a few stories by one author that i am dying to podfic, but the pacing is all wrong, i just can't make them work for me (just as an example). so.

(check out the dreamwidth version of this post for authors, too!)
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