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Various Podfics by cinderlily

I figured I would jump all in, as it were. I had to post a baseball slash, as it's tradition, three years running! The other two are just fics I wanted to read aloud tonight. Hope you enjoy them. :)

Title: No Place Like Home
Rating: PG
Format: mp3 4 min 55 secs
Author/Reader: cinderlily
Fandom: Trent Oeltjen/Ryan Roberts MLB RPS. (Though *sob* Trent is gonnne. To the Brewers. MY AUSSIE)

Title: Check Yes or No
Rating: PG13 (barely)
Format: mp3 12 mins 11 sec
Author/Reader: cinderlily
Fandom: Cook/Archuleta American Idol Season 7

Title: write home everyday
Rating: PG 13
Format: mp3 7 min 22 sec
Author/Reader: cinderlily
Fandom: Chad Danforth/Ryan Evans High School Musical

(5+1+1+3+5=15)+(5+1+3+3+3=15)+(5+1+1+3+3=13) =43
Tags: archived, fandom:american idol rpf, fandom:high school musical, fandom:sports figures rpf, reader:cinderlily
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