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As Many As Stars In The Sky by Vehemently (The Neverending Story)

Title: As Many As Stars In The Sky
Author: Vehemently (vee_fic)
Reader: winkingstar
Fandom: The Neverending Story
Pairing: gen
Rating: G
Summary: And now at last is the time for that other story. Come here, child, sit quietly, and listen.
Length: 18:01 mins., 16.5MB (mp3)
Link: temp @ sendspace or permanent @ the archive (courtesy of general_jinjur)
Point value: 5(recording)+2(not-so-newbie)+3(fandom)+3(pairing)=13.

Comment to the author here. :)

Reader's Notes: This fic is more based on the book version, but you'll be fine if you've only seen the movie. Or neither, even. It works perfectly fine as a standalone story. If you've read the book, this reads like one of the zillions of side-stories that are alluded to and left to the reader to imagine. It's an adorable little story, and fantastic for reading out loud. I had great fun. Vehemently has madly awesome storytelling skills (it fits in perfectly with what I remember of the book's tone and also just works as a traditional-style folktale), and I hope I managed to capture the oral version adequately. :)
(Also, OMG, my fifth podfic! Craaaaaaazy.)
Tags: fandom:neverending story, reader:winkingstar
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