Laurie (laurie_ky) wrote in amplificathon,

Legacy. Sentinel Slash Prison AU. Music and music free versions.

Reader's note:

There are two versions of this podfic, a music enhanced version where I utilized music to introduce the story, indicate chapter breaks and whenever the author used a visual break in the text, and to end the story. There are places where I speak over the music for dramatic effect.

And then there is a music free version, for any listeners who prefer their podfic with just the reader's voice. There is silence to indicate the visual breaks in the text and to indicate a chapter is ending.

Fandom:The Sentinel. Pairings: Jim/Blair, Jim/Brackett, Blair/Brackett, Jim/Incacha, Blair/OMC(King)
Fanfic Title:Legacy Warnings: spanking, daddy kink, violence, dub-con.
Rating: Mature
Format: Mp3s. Non Music Version:, 226 MB 04:06.59 minutes. Music Version: 235.5 MB, 04:17.27 minutes.
Fanfic Author:Jane Davitt janedavitt
Read by:Laurie laurie_ky
Story Summary 35,000 words
Jim and Blair meet in prison, both convicted, both guilty, both looking for something the other has.

Music Version

Temporary Link

Mp3s 1 and 2
Mp3s 3 and 4
Mp3 5

Non Music Version

Temporary Link

Mp3s 1 and 2
Mp3s 3 and 4
Mp3 5

Jane is writing a sequel to Legacy for Moonridge 2010 a charity fundraiser in the Sentinel fandom. Scroll down to the Special Claims section. Her sequel is available for ten dollars and will be sent to bidders by September. Bidders will have the story exclusively for a month

Points: 5(given)+1(not a new reader)+41(length)+3(fandom)+23(pairings)=73

Tags: archived, fandom:sentinel, reader:laurie

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