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Smoke And Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder (39/50) Podfic

Title: Smoke And Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder (39/50) Podfic
Authors: bloody_adorable  and eviltwin 
Reader: kreutzmarie 
Fandoms: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. Jared's a classic case of rich kid gone wrong, whose only sense of family comes from his motorbike, the guy he rents a garage from to live in and the precinct cops who know his face better than most already. Jensen's a hard-working student whose family are helping push him towards great things. What happens when their two worlds collide, and will Jared's troublesome nature be too much for Jensen to handle?
Disclaimer: None of the following is true in any way, and no profit is made from this work of fiction.

File size: 23MB
Duration: 25.49

Download via my journal HERE.

Masterpost for the written universe is HERE.

Masterpost for my podfic of this 'verse is HERE.
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural rpf, reader:kreutzmarie

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