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Go go go, Amplificathon '10!!

Hello Amplificathon participants! We are really getting down to the wire but there's still plenty of time to get in your final posts/points before the end! Posting will remain open until the last instant that it is June 7th for someone conceivably in the world. :D

If you have posted any podfic to the challenge, then please comment to this post with the links to at least three stories, each under 8000 words, that you would really like to hear as podfic, but won't manage to record yourself any time soon. Please make certain that author permission is granted for all three, either because that author is generally okay with such things, because they have posted offering their fics for recording, or by contacting them and asking. Please do this before June 14th. <3

We'll be using the list of fics for prizes, but also for a little celebration of how awesome you all are! (you can comment right away with story links, then confirm author permission by the 14th, if you like.)

If you are interested in helping with prize graphics or readings, please comment to this post!
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