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"When Trust is a Thing Not Given" by aelora (48:07)

When Trust is a Thing Not Given
Title: When Trust is a Thing Not Given
Author: aelora
Reader: eosrose
Beta Listener: misc_plinks
Cover: sparksflyout
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Cast: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: Suitable for teen and up audiences.
Summary: Arthur just wants Merlin to trust him. Merlin thinks that he does.
Length: 48:07
Format: MP3 (44.2MB) or Audiobook (21.4MB)
Download the MP3 or Audiobook from my journal!

Notes: The sequel "Water is Taught by Thirst" should be released in another week or so barring computer troubles (which aren't uncommon--one of the reasons why I've mostly been doing short podfics recently).

Points: 5+1+6+(3+3)=18
Tags: archived, fandom:merlin (bbc), reader:eosrose

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