Jake. From State Farm. (juice817) wrote in amplificathon,
Jake. From State Farm.

Title: Always By the Book
Author: veronamay
Reader: juice817
Rating: R
Fandom: CWRPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies. Not written for profit.
Summary: Jensen's a Special Agent with the FBI. Jared's a witness in a federal murder trial. Can Jensen spend a week in Jared's company without (a) wanting to kill him and (b) completely falling for him?

Format: mp3

70.3 MB, 1 hr 16 min 45 sec


Title: Three short timestamps for Always By the Book
Author: veronamay
Rating: G to R

Format: mp3

10.5 MB, 11 min 28 sec


Download links at my comm here.
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural rpf, reader:juice817

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