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in other words, the dance we should all be doing!

dare we say best ever? oh, I THINK WE DARE.

prizes are brewing in the great prize incubator! but celebration starts now. the standings table(s) has been updated, which reveals our astounding overall points winners -- you guys. YOU GUYS. how amazing are you? so amazing that we had to have two sets, since, well, your podmod team got a little swamped there at the end, and had to extend. but wow, there was some hardcore strategy being shown this year (which i like to think shows some real maturity for our little challenge -- we've gone from being a game of kickball to a game of chess! or, well, extremely enthusiastic high-stakes chess. being played during a kickball match. with breaks for makeouts.)

erm, anyway. MUCH GLORY ACCRUES TO OUR OVERALL WINNERS. both the original deadliners and the mods-can't-planners! so! la la la ta dum! congratulations to:

june 1 winners:

grand prize!!!!!11!!!1!1!!!!!! - 2naonh3_cl2
second place!!!!!!1!!! - luzula
third place!!!! - lunchy_munchy

june 7 winners:

grand prize!!!!!11!!!1!1!!!!!! - twilight_angel
second place!!!!!!1!!! - lunchy_munchy
third place!!!! - 2naonh3_cl2

you guys! every single participant is made of magic. thank you all for making this another astonishing, eye-opening, welcoming year. <3 <3 <3
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