10% literal, 90% metaphor (speccygeekgrrl) wrote in amplificathon,
10% literal, 90% metaphor

A Level Course and True, by brighteyed_jill

Title: A Level Course And True [link to text]
Author: brighteyed_jill
Read By: speccygeekgrrl
File Type & Size: mp3; 18.7 MB
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
File Length (word count): 20:30 min (3,700)
Warnings: Graphic sex.

Summary: Spock is experiencing an unsettling emotional response in the wake of recent events, but the very last thing that could possibly improve the situation is a late-night confrontation with James T. Kirk.

Download Audiofic Here
Tags: archived, fandom:star trek reboot, reader:speccygeekgrrl

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