filthy and sweet (shiningartifact) wrote in amplificathon,
filthy and sweet

PodFic - A Matter of Logistics, by brooklinegirl

Title: A Matter of Logistics
Author: brooklinegirl
Reader: shiningartifact
Fandom: Bandom (MCR)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Rating: NC-17
Runtime: 43m 03s
Summary: High school AU. Frank would like to know the logistics of going down on girls. Gerard can help him with that.

Download link is at my lj here.

Enjoy! As always, I welcome any feedback you've got. Seriously, I'd love to know what you think! &hearts

PS: If you want to know when I release new podfic, please feel free to friend me and/or follow me on twitter!
Tags: archived, fandom:bandom, reader:shiningartifact

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