full of rainbows and sunshine and murder and death (reena_jenkins) wrote in amplificathon,
full of rainbows and sunshine and murder and death

Newbie, needing assistance please

 Hi there, everyone.
 I first discovered this com by accident about a year ago, and did the lurking/secret-sneaky-downloading-of-podfics thing for a while. I've branched out, however, into the more proactive field of actually making a podfic. I'm new to this recording-a-podfic thing, and while I have two bitty pieces of podfic recorded (and a two-hour-extravaganza in the works, now that I know how to turn on GarageBand), I'm not entirely sure what to do with them now. How do I go about posting them to the interwebz, so that people other than my sister can hear them? What's the format for this com? Any technical stuff I need to know? I'm so impressed by everyone's work here - I only hope my seven-minutes-and-steadily-growing catalogue of podfic can stand up in comparison! Please and thank you in advance for any advice...

P.S. - Did I mention my super-newness to all things even slightly technical? I hope I put the right tags on this...
Tags: info:technical issues/recs

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