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Sherlock Holmes podfic - CAULDRON: A Love Letter by Katie Forsythe

Title: CAULDRON: A Love Letter
Author: katieforsythe
Reader: aethel (æthel)
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG-13
Size: 2.5 hours, 138 MB, mp3
Summary: Sherlock Holmes dies, returns from the dead, and fights to get his Watson back.
Reader's Notes: This story is the sequel to The Sign of Change. Both stories have also been recorded by liannabob, available here. Originally recorded in November for podbang, but then I put it aside and recorded another 20K+ story because I am a MASOCHIST.

Download: from Dropbox;
Permanent download link here, courtesy of general_jinjur, Podbook version by cybel

cover artist: aethel

Music Sources:
intro to Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise; from a Jerry Hadley album
Hungarian Dance No. 4 by Johannes Brahms; unknown performance
Ständchen by Franz Schubert; Peter Schreier (tenor), András Schiff (piano)

Photo Source:
Tags: archived, fandom:sherlock holmes, reader:aethel

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