fresne (fresne) wrote in amplificathon,

fresne - podfic: Mustard Seed (Jane Eyre)

Title: Mustard Seed
Author/Reader: fresne
Fandom: Jane Eyre
Rating: R (or NC-17 if romance novel sex is like that for you)
Pairing: Jane Eyre/Edward Rochester
Length: Mp3, 9.3Mb, 19.48
Music Credit: Finghin Collins playing Moonlight Sonata
Explanation: Dear Reader, she married him. Jane and Edward *finally* fall back into the downy softness of a married bed and they begin that wedded work of becoming flesh of each other's flesh. Fairly PWP, but rather presumes on the preceeding pages of the novel to have provided sufficient plot.

5+1+3+5+5 = 19
Tags: archived, reader:fresne

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