opalsong (opalsong) wrote in amplificathon,

Title: Social Activism (or, How to Make the World a Better Place by Kissing Spencer Smith)
Author: airgiodslv
Reader: opalsong
Fandom: My Chemical Romance/Panic! At the Disco
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gerard Way/Spencer Smith (sort of)
File size/type: 8.98MB .mp3
Length: 0:09:53 (so close)
Summary: “This is political,” Gerard announces, and kisses him.
Text version: airgiodslv.livejournal.com/339040.html

Download link: www.mediafire.com/

Points:5 + 10 (first podfic ever!) + 1 + (3 + 3 + 5) + 0 = 27 
(I wasn't sure if My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco were different fandoms but decided to try.  If it is wrong please change it.)

(also: may I have a reader tag?)
Tags: fandom:bandom, reader:opalsong
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