full of rainbows and sunshine and murder and death (reena_jenkins) wrote in amplificathon,
full of rainbows and sunshine and murder and death

The Freaky Doubles 'Verse, Part Two

Title: Takes One To Know One
Author: queenklu  
Reader: reena_jenkins  
Fandom: Supernatural, Dark Angel, Gilmore Girls
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Alec, Alec/Dean Forrester (from Gilmore Girls)
Format/Length: mp3, 01:47:58
Warnings: Wincest, angst, threesome porn, superpowers-enabled double penetration

Author's Summary: "After the secret of Sam's ex-boyfriend and a not-so-platonic-brotherly-love came out (in more ways than one), Alec never thought Sam would want to see him again. So when Sam shows up at Jam Pony looking just a little bit shorter, little bit younger, and acting like he's never seen Alec in his life because he grew up in the dinky nothing-town of Star's Hollow? Things get interesting. Fast."

Download link: click me!

5+1+16+(1+3+3+5+1+5)+0 = 40 points

***Note: This fic is the second part of a three-part series. I'll be posting the rest of the stories as the week progresses. Keep an eye out! ;-)

***Other Note: This is the porniest porn that I ever have porned. You have been warned.
Tags: archived, fandom:dark angel & rpf, fandom:gilmore girls, fandom:supernatural, reader:reena_jenkins
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