podmod (podmod) wrote in amplificathon,

so we're working hard here at podmind hivequarters to figure out winners and prizes and get it all sorted in a timely manner!


podcat has taken charge of the paperwork to ensure proper distribution of prizes.

yes, i am ashamed of myself. i have no excuse.

and yes, by timely i do mean that you aren't going to have to wait much longer before we start!

but right now? well, i'd like to start a rec-fest! i wish i could say i was going to kick it off, but, tragically, the only three offerings i've managed to listen to so far are the three i beta'd. and while i think those are awesome, i am also thinking i have a conflict of interest.

but! i am still very bossy full of suggestions! so. rec us one (or three! or seven!) of the amplificathon podfics! tell us what you liked about the reader's interpretation, or voice, or phrasing, or story choice! tell us your favorite, or the one that surprised you. tell us about the one that sucked you into a new fandom.

listeners, this is your chance to post! go for it!
Tags: post:mod, post:recs
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