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okay, now that there has been sleep, i'm ready for excitement! and, um, deliverables!

this is the a post about what got accomplished, here. the answer? a lot. i have done a lot of counting and tallying over the last week, and i'm probably not going to count anything else right now, but i know that you guys are responsible for a pretty healthy bump in the number of offerings in the audiofic podfic archive.

(okay, i couldn't resist. i did some counting anyway.)

there were SIX HUNDRED entries added to the archive during duration of this challenge. i know they didn't all originate here, but from my recollection? the ones that didn't are maybe...twelve in number. wow. seriously guys, wow. amazing.

and new fandoms? you totally delivered. winnie the pooh! baseball! blake's 7! shakespeare! teenage mutant ninja turtles!!!! I AM DEAD OF GLEE, HERE.

ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE NEW FANDOMS. some very large number (that i'm not going to count, honest) of new pairings.

you guys make me tear up with love for humanity. (this is a far more impactful statement if you know that i am a robot and tearing up is not usually within my operating parameters.)

so. i mentioned deliverables. i now present the 2008 amplificathon small fandoms anthology! the first 20 21 readers to post in new fandoms. nice work, guys.

new fandoms cover

click to download:

the podbook, compiled by the lovely cybel
large size - http://jinjurly.com/audfiles/newfandoms2008.m4b.zip (129.7 MB)
smaller size - http://jinjurly.com/audfiles/newfandoms2008sm.m4b.zip (65.7 MB)

a zip of all the individual mp3s
http://jinjurly.com/audfiles/newfandoms2008.zip (271.3 MB)

this collection includes:

cinderlily - if, then (mlb)
raz0rgirl - his watson (lo:ci)
thefannishwaldo - is that code? (tww)
idri_fic - six months on (lotrips)
leviticus_lied - glass heart (fruits basket)
wihluta - making up is hard to do (anthropomorfic)
twasadark - what is and what never should be (bsg 2003)
blienky27 - the eagle conspiracy (thursday next)
dodificus - jeeves has a theory (wodehouse)
dmarley - the secret tapes of dale cooper (twin peaks)
twilight_angel - letters from the northern continent (ds9)
cold_poet - it's called a senior moment (qaf us)
triedunture - plane ride home (criminal minds)
altariel - flowers of the forest (lotr)
dancinbutterfly - living a fantasy (the 4400)
maryaminx - dark justice (numb3rs)
autumn_opal - something like star-crossed (office us)
sansets - plating a quiet dish (bandom: cobra starship)
come_love_sleep - tango for three (fma)
myriad69 - pushover (mr & mrs smith)
podfic_lover - strangers in a strange land (northern exposure)

this collection clocks in at 4:41:59. happy listening!
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