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a podfic extravaganza

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the amplificathon is a place to post everything and anything podfic-related. anyone is welcome to post podfic in any fandom to the community. all podfic posted to this community will be added to the audiofic archive.

there are some podfic tutorials listed here.

questions about the technical aspects of recording? the very nice people at podfic_tips may be able to point you in the right direction - or email the mods of this community! we are generally happy to help if we can.

challenges run within the community include: the amplificathon, the amplirecathon, and the podbang.

  • the amplificathon fest is an annual podfic challenge. it's designed to promote the diversity of podfic across fandoms and pairings, and to give us all more to choose from as listeners. the amplificathon fest now runs only on dreamwidth; you do not need a dreamwidth account to participate.

  • the podbang is an annual epic-length podfic exchange. it's designed to create longform works, generally over 30,000 words.

  • the amplirecathon is an annual rec fest that runs in the early part of the year.

  • there's no such thing as too much podfic

    looking for fic authors who are pro-podfic? find some of them here!

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